Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Welfare and Safety of the Racehorse Summit Release Hoof Care DVD & Horse and Owner of The Day

The Welfare and Safety of the Racehorse Summit’s Shoeing and Hoof Care Committee is now offering a free educational DVD. The Hoof: Inside and Out examines the physiology of the equine hoof and demonstrates proper care and shoeing techniques. “This DVD provides some basic information that will be helpful to owners, trainers, grooms, and anyone else involved with the racehorse, to have a better understanding of the hoof and its care.”
The 65-minute DVD, which was produced by the Keeneland Association’s broadcast services department under the direction of G.D. Hieronymus, includes seven segments:
Introduction and Overview, Welfare and Safety of the Racehorse Summit, Physiology — The Equine Limb, Basic Hoof Care and Trimming, The Basics of Horse Shoeing, Types of Shoes,
Farrier’s Role and Communication (with Trainers and Owners
). The video is available for download (at no charge) from the summit’s website at (Note: this is a large file download.) A DVD copy of The Hoof: Inside and Out can be obtained free of charge (limit one per customer) by contacting Cathy McNeeley, The Jockey Club’s administrative assistant for industry initiatives, at (859) 224-2728 or

Horse of the Day & Owner----- Mind Ya Bizness & Gillian Stupples

"Mind Ya Bizness" aka "Biz" is a registered 5 yr old paint stallion that Gillian Stupples came across in her travels about an hour outside of her hometown in Nov of 2007. Gillian says he was probably a couple of weeks away from death. He was so emaciated he could barely stand, his front legs were buckled and shaking. Someone had shot Mind Ya Bizness in the hind end and the wound was rotting and had maggots in it. Somehow, Biz trusted Gillian and allowed her to dig her hand into the wound twice daily to clean it out and she reports "he never made a fuss. He would stand perfectly".

Gillian was in for a bigger surprise, when after a couple months she realized he was a stallion. Biz's testicles had shrivelled up due to the emaciation, so she had assumed he was a gelding. "One day a couple of months after I got him home I was putting on his blanket and saw them hanging there much to my surprise"! Gillian reports that Biz is fat and happy and has his first baby on the ground, a colt out of a thoroughbred mare Betty Blue was named Cash Bizness. Biz is used as Gillian's trail horse.


  1. Props for rescuing the colt - but why breed him and contribute to the already out of hand horse population (presumbaly why he needed a home himself)? A true friend of the horse industry would have gelded him ASAP. There are already plenty of quality, proven stallions out there to breed to if you choose to take on that serious responsibility.

  2. I agree, especially with those legs.
    Are you sure he is even riding sound?

  3. This horse is NOT stallion quality. Please for the love of God, GELD THE SUCKER!

  4. I had to choke at that very crooked front leg! Is he even safe to ride? I would feel bad if I got on him. Please geld him! Please.


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