Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jockey Club Program Fund Benefits Charities & Horse and Owner of the Day

Matt Iuliano, Vice President of Registration Services at The Jockey Club wants to remind those that are registering their foals in the coming months to utilize the Retirement Checkoff Program. The program benefits two organizations that provide post-racing care for Thoroughbreds. They are matching funds dollar to dollar up to $ 200,000 in 2009. The two charities that are benefiting from this program are Thoroughbred Charities of America(TCA) and Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF). Visit the website at for more details or call 800-444-8521

Horse and Owner of the Day-- Byeairmail and Karan Kees :

Byeairmail born 2001, rescued 2008

Last week I asked for readers to send in pictures of their off the track race horses or horses found on auction lots and saved from slaughter, and share their stories. Our inaugural OTTB (off the track thoroughbred) is Byeairmail a Breeders Cup nominated 8 year old, beautiful bay mare. Byeairmail earned $ 26,000 during her racing career and then went on to be an unsuccessful broodmare, as her story is that she was found on a feedlot after losing her last two foals.
Byeairmail now named Rhoda was rescued by Columbia Basin Equine Rescue, in Yakima, WA. Byeairmail was gifted to Karan Kees by a wonderful lady named "Kay" for Karan's 50th birthday. Karan says Rhoda was the best present ever, and that she loves her more than life. Karan and Byeairmail reside at the Bluebird Bluff Farm in Spokane, WA were they enjoy trail riding and it took no time at all to have a race broke TB and broodmare adapt to their new life together. Karan says "she will be LOVED till her last day". To learn more about Columbia Basin Equine Rescue go to

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