Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fireworks & Horses, Launch of the Women's Horse Industry Association & Texas Govenor Signs Incentive Fund Bill


CONTACT: Catherine Master
(615) 730-7833

No one could have predicted the incredibly fast start the new WOMEN'S HORSE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION would have. Thousands of women visited the group's website and hundreds of member have signed up.
"We could not believe the response to our association. It' been incredible and we now have hundreds of members not only here in the United States, but from around the world. We have member from all areas of the horse industry including farms, trainers, owners, vets, authors, bloodstock agents, jockeys and more.So many women signed up that it crashed our webserver! I've been involved in numerous associations and I have never seen anything like the response we have had. I can only compare it to a race horse blasting out of the starting gate like a rocket," states Executive Director, Catherine Masters.
Masters credits the media including Bloodhorse and the Horse for helping to spread the word about the association. "Many, many publications and people have shared the news about this association and we are grateful.Women really wanted an association like this and now our job is to make sure that it really works for them," she adds.
The association is open to all women working in the horse industry and covers all disciplines. For additional information on the Women's Horse Industry Association, please call (615) 730-7833 or visit
The Second Race is a proud member of Women's Horse Industry Association.

Horses and Fireworks - An Explosive Combination

The ILPH (International League for the Protection of Horses) is appealing to everybody organising a firework event, whether a big display or a just a happy gathering in a back garden, to make sure that they give horse owners in their area advance warning. Many horses and ponies can become stressed and upset by both the sight and sound of fireworks going off and if they are out in their fields it could have tragic consequences. Horseowners are advised to:

* make sure they are aware of firework parties in their area;

* stable their horses and ponies if there are to be fireworks nearby;

* give them plenty of hay to keep them occupied;

* check on them during the evening to make sure they are okay;

* check the field in the morning for any stray fireworks that may of landed there;

* have sand and water available in case of fire

Edited Press Release July 02 2009 reprinted from

All American Quarter Horses, American Paint Horses, and Appaloosas conceived by mares and stallions living in Texas during 2009 are eligible to be nominated to the new Texas Equine Incentive Fund. House Bill 1881, which was signed by Gov. Rick Perry on June 19. It becomes law Sept. 1. The bill creates a voluntary monetary incentive program to keep Quarter, Paint, and Appaloosa horses breeding, showing, or racing in Texas.

The Texas Equine Incentive Fund will provide rural jobs in the state of Texas by providing incentives to raise and show horses in Texas, rather than other states. The funds for the program are raised within the horse industry and will be administered by the Texas Department of Agriculture. The rules and guidelines for the program will be determined by a panel representing each of the stock-horse breeds.

Texas is home to about 900,000 horses. More than 450,000 people are employed by or involved in the industry. For more information, contact the Texas-Bred Horse Association at 214/223-4188. Watch upcoming issues of The American Quarter Horse Journal for more information on this program.

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