Monday, July 6, 2009

Internet Listing Finds TB "Strider" in WA State and Groups That Can Help, including The Prodigious Fund at Emerald Downs Race Track

When I started The Second Race (and the publishing of this blog) it was with the intent to share information along my journey as I build up the network. The Second Race has a fan page on Facebook. A fan posted a photo of a Thoroughbred gelding currently on a feed lot in Yakima, WA. The location of this feed lot for the most part is kept quiet along with who does or does not own it, and what may or may not be, the owner(s) association to racing or breeding in the state. Allegiances are formed which are beneficial to both parties. It's difficult to be in "bed" with the kill buyers and auction owners but in order to rescue horses or to be allowed on their lots, groups do what you have to do. So is the case where this horse currently resides. Here is his story from Rebels Equine Feed Lot Sales:
Strider ~ Bay Gelding ~ On the feedlot ~ $550 3 - 4 yr old, 15.1+h, bay TB gelding. This horse rode nice. He is basically track broke but seems to be very level headed and not to have been ruined mentally. He walked, trotted and cantered nicely with no issues. He has an infection in his eyes and we washed them and put some of the FLO Clear Eyes in them before we left and he was very good and appreciative. He would make a nice riding horse that could go in any direction.

I see hundreds of images a day of horses that need help, but for me, when I see a race horse in particular, something stirs inside of me and I feel the need to help. It appeared from the pictures posted that "Strider" had racing plates on and his bridle path seems to be growing out.

I sent an e-mail to the gal that posted the original picture on my site. She explained that they (Rebel Equine) had taken over the work that had been started by a now defunct rescue group. I was put in contact with the Administrator, who goes to the lots, evaluates the horses that are there, and then works the computer, networks and discussion group postings to secure a home for them in advance of the sale. Once there is a commitment of a home/or sponsorship, a purchase is made. I asked after the horse's tattoo and if there was any other identification (papers) on the horse at the lot?. She stated that someone would return to take a look at a potential tattoo and they would contact me immediately to run the identification. I will run the tattoo number through the Jockey Club Registry ( to hopefully ascertain who the horse is. In the meantime I wanted to see if the state of Washington, and the associated breeders, horseman groups, or race tracks had established provisions for retired/rescued horses. On the Washington Thoroughbred Breeders Association website ( I discovered that Emerald Downs initiated the The Prodigious Fund in 2008. It gives owners the opportunity to make contributions to accredited Thoroughbred rescue, retirement and rehabilitation facilities through a voluntary $1 per start minimum contribution from their horsemen’s bookkeeper accounts. Two of the recipients from 2008 were Second Chance Ranch (, and Chez Cheveaux (, it is my intent to contact both of them today to network on behalf of Strider. To be eligible to receive funds, organizations must be a registered 501(c)(3) charity with a proven track record in the field for at least one year and must be Thoroughbred exclusive or dominant in their efforts.

The date to have him off of the lot and safely in a new home is this Saturday, July 10. I told the group that is currently watching him that I will do whatever I can to help to network this young gelding off the lot. Please join me in these efforts, and write me if you are aware of a facility, group or private person that would be willing to take him in. Time is of the essence. He will need to be quarantined, as all horses from lots should be. He does have an infection in his eyes, so its important that he receives the care he will need as soon as possible.

Upcoming Events and Fund Raising Opportunities: (The Highest Bidder Wins The Rachel Alexandra Pink Halter She Wore In the Post Parade During the Preakness)


  1. Hi I have just found your forum. Just wanted you to know that I purchased Strider from Rebels Feedlot a year ago and he is now happily living in sunny Az on my ranch with a herd of other rescues from the feedlot to keep him company. Has been worrking with a trainer and is the sweetest kindest horse ever. Never once have I had any trouble with him. To all please give rescues a chance. They are sooo worth it.

  2. Hi I was just in rebelsfeedlot and they have a TB gelding waiting for the slaughter truck I wish I had the room for him but I don't is there anyone out there that can save him, there is also a cool sweet dun mare called biscait I wish we could close down these feedlots that keep Canada in horse meat. Terri

  3. As a Canadian I can tell you we bear the misery of horses trucked here from the US for slaughter. We have a federal bill in place that our government passed regarding the dumping of unwanted US horses in this country. Frankly its time the US became knowledgeable about where these horses go. We do not eat horse met; the Canadian Breed Horse is our symbol. France! Europe! Aim the anger at them.


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