Friday, August 7, 2009

"Thoroughbred Not Throw Away" Campaign Launches

It is with great pleasure that my organization, The Second Race, launches it's first of several message campaigns for racing breeds and other horses. The first is dedicated to our beloved Thoroughbreds called "Thoroughbred Not Throw Away". The logos are designed to deliver a strong message slated to create a dialouge, educate, raise awareness and most importantly funds to support selected organizations and the work that The Second Race was founded upon-- Networking for Results.

Using logo tees, The Second Race will share its philosophy in an intriguing way, that Thoroughbreds have the ability to go to other occupations after their racing careers are over and should not be put in harms way or sent to slaughter. The news is filled with stories of "unwanted" horses, and thoroughbreds find themselves often misunderstood or labeled as unmanageable, The Second Race, understands that this is not the truth. Horses today run the risk of being disposed of in increasing numbers, with the purchase of a "Thoroughbred Not Throw Away" t-shirt you are not only showing your support of this noble bred but will actually facilitate a one time rescue of a Thoroughbred through a partnership with the Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue (SCTR) group. (With each campaign launch a designated breed and group will be chosen to support).

$ 3.00 of each shirt will always go directly to equine related charities outside of The Second Race. For our special launch The Second Race has teamed up with SCTR to literally rescue a thoroughbred off an auction lot to save it's life. Your purchase of a t-shirt will contribute to the purchase price and 6 months of the horses care (quarantine through training and adoption). We will need to have 400 shirts sold to be able to donate $ 1200.00 to SCTR for this mission (*). Won't you purchase a t-shirt today to help with this mission?! SCTR will share the photo of the horse with us, and give us a few updates throughout the 6 months while we await a happy new home for this yet chosen horse.

An order form is available by emailing or calling 626-733-3815.

Pre-website price is $ 15.00 each, and a special offering: PURCHASE THREE OR MORE SHIRTS AND YOUR SHIPPING IS FREE.
If you are on Facebook, please join the Fan Page of The Second Race to see the work we are doing on behalf of the horses.

DISCLAIMER: The funds generated by the sale of the t-shirts and monies donated are at the discretion of The Second Race solely. (*) The $ 1200 is a donation amount, pre-determined by The Second Race and SCTR to allow the rescue of (one) horse and it's care for 6 months which is the average length of time for adoption. The Second Race will not bear any responsibility for the horse that the SCTR purchases and will not have any input into the care or adoption of the horse that the funds are donated for. Anyone that purchases a t-shirt will also not have any input to the purchase, care or adoption of the horse that is chosen. SCTR is a non profit 501 (c) 3 organization, however the purchase of a t-shirt does not count toward a tax deduction to either organization. Future purchases of t-shirts beyond the initial 400 needed for this promotion will not be for SCTR or designated as such. Thoroughbred Not Throw Away is a copyrighted, registered brand of The Second Race.

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