Friday, August 21, 2009

"Mustang Not Main Course" logo tee available for purchase

It is with great pleasure that The Second Race launches it's second of several message campaigns for racing breeds and other horses. The newest offering is designed to support one of the most American of Icons, the Mustang called "Mustang Not Main Course".

While The Second Race is primarily concerned with ex-racers and horses bred to race; the wild horse touches most of us with their ability to connect to something deep inside of us that wishes to run free, unfettered and without constraints. As with the "Thoroughbred Not Throw Away" each logo is designed to deliver a strong message slated to create a dialogue, educate, raise awareness and most importantly funds to support selected organizations and the work that The Second Race was founded upon-- Networking for Results and saving horses.

Using logo tees, The Second Race will share its philosophy in an intriguing way, that horses have the ability to do many occupations or can be loved to do absolutely nothing but be a companion for it's human. The important message is that horses are often in potential harm, when considered "unwanted" or no longer of service. Recent news stories in particular have highlighted the unique position that wild horses and mustangs currently find themselves in. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the wild horse and mustang, have a long history together, and rarely has the horse benefited. Currently the BLM is looking to cull a herd of one of the most infamous of wild horses, Cloud. The culling of herds basically provides additional grazing land to cattle. Those with the most money seem to be winning this race. Wild horses find themselves in harms way and sent to slaughter if they are not adopted or taken in by a sanctuary. The BLM has horses years at a time in cramped pens awaiting a solution to the growing number of horses that it houses at tax payers expense.

The purchase of a "Mustang Not Main Course" t-shirt today, means you are not only showing your support of this iconic breed but it will actually go to help facilitate a one time rescue and adoption of a mustang and provide a connection to the efforts of Madeleine Pickens and the horse sanctuary she is currently in developing to house up to 30,000 wild horses (With each campaign launch a designated breed and group will be chosen to support). As a special pre-Website Launch, the t-shirts are offered at $ 15.00 each. Men's and Women's are available sizes small through 2x. (When the website is up the price will increase to $ 20.00). Men's tshirts are white, Women's are available in pink or white. A portion of the sale from each shirt will always go directly to equine related charities outside of The Second Race.

To place an order send an email to and an order form will be sent to you. Special Offering: PURCHASE THREE OR MORE SHIRTS AND YOUR SHIPPING IS FREE. Thank you for your support of the horses! Together we can network for their safety!

DISCLAIMER: The funds generated by the sale of the t-shirts and monies donated are at the discretion of The Second Race solely. Thoroughbred Not Throw Away and Mustang Not Main Course are copyrighted, registered brands of The Second Race.

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  1. Keep up the great work, Sharla. Gettin' me a XXL


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