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76 Arabian horses seized from a Texas Ranch Need Your Help

From an edited news clipping.....

August 18, 2009

Police in Texas have seized 76 Arabian horses from a property in Denton County over concerns about their condition.
The animals were seized by Denton County sheriffs on Friday. It is understood the horses are being cared for by staff and volunteers of the North Texas Humane Society (HSNT) and some private contractors.
The society described what they found on the property as gruesome.
"Animal control officers seized 76 emaciated Arabian horses from an equestrian farm there ... HSNT volunteers and staff are now providing them care and completing their veterinarian evaluations."
The society has put out an urgent appeal for hay, specialised feed for putting condition on thin horses, tack and money for vet bills.
The owner of the property, aged in his 60s, is expected to be charged with cruelty to livestock in coming days, an offence punishable by up to a year in jail and a $4000 fine.
Initial assessments of the horses found 20 were extremely malnourished and 40 seriously underfed.

Restoring the animals to full weight will take many months.
Early reports suggest some of the horses were found in stalls thick with dung and urine.
Police were alerted to the condition of the horses after a person who went to inspect the 43-acre property, which is on the market, was concerned at the condition of the animals.
More information:
Here is a television post about the horses.
The North Texas Humane Society website states that they have a wish list for this particular seizure:
Quality Square Bales of Hay
Equine Senior or 14% Sweet Feed
Donations towards the Vet care
Running Gator/4 Wheeler
New or Used Tack
The website has a PayPal function that can be utilized for donations.


  1. It is so hard to believe people can be so heartless. I have rescued 2 horses that were in very bad shape. The Mare nearly as bad as this poor baby. My Gelding had 4 happy years with me before he finally passed this past weekend at the age of about 35 or maybe older. My mare, now 14 has been with me, happy and healthy and beautiful for the past 2.5 years. I pray for the day where all people love and respect animals the way they deserve to be. How people treat animals is a true indication of their true spirit, be it good or evil!

  2. I found this good news updated on the DRC/Barron Ludlum...

    76 once-starved animals in good shape, Humane Society says; feed is needed!!

    It’s amazing what a full belly will do for a starving horse. Samantha Laos, who works in animal cruelty/rescue with the Humane Society of North Texas, feeds one of the 76 horses seized last week from Renazans Arabians near Pilot Point. All the horses are doing well, Laos said Monday.
    76 Arabians seized by the Denton County Sheriff’s Office on Friday from the Renazans Arabians horse ranch southwest of Pilot Point are doing well, said a representative of the Humane Society of North Texas, which is overseeing the care of the horses.

    “Everybody’s going to be great. Even the worst ones are doing great,” said Samantha Laos, a supervisor with the organization. “They are calm and happy and not scared anymore.”

    A visitor looking at the ranch, which is for sale for $1.7 million, saw thin animals in fields near the road Thursday and called the sheriff’s Crime Stoppers number to report possible abuse.
    Gordon Dennis Key When sheriff’s animal control officers visited the ranch, they found horses in a barn and in back pastures in even worse condition, and obtained a judge’s order to seize the horses and arrest the owner, Gordon Dennis Key, 66.
    Key surrendered Saturday at the jail and is free on $10,000 bail on one count of cruelty to animals. He could eventually be faced with 76 such charges. Each charge carries a jail sentence of up to one year and a fine of up to $4,000.
    Laos said there has been a heartening outreach from a number of people who are concerned about the horses and want to help. And she welcomes that help.

    HOW TO HELP!To help the Humane Society of North Texas care for 76 starving Arabian horses seized from a ranch near Pilot Point, call Samantha Laos at 817-808-2287.

    * The horses need sweet feed, squares bales of coastal hay and alfalfa. To donate feed, call and schedule a time to bring it to the shelter or to the temporary holding places for the Arabians.

    * The organization also needs cash to buy supplies for the horses.

    * To adopt, fill out an application at the organization’s Web site,
    “They’ve been lining up left and right to give us feed and we’re eternally grateful for that,” she said. “We’re in desperate need of monetary donations, grain for feed and square bales of hay.”

    Nearly 20 of the horses were found locked in barn stalls, standing in several inches of their own waste. Their hooves needed care and some had sores from lying in the waste. None of the horses had undergone veterinary care for a long time, Laos said.

    Two veterinarians are working with the horses without pay, and some members of the rescue group have been certified to provide certain health care.

    The equines were split up into male and female groups. The mares went to a rancher in Ponder who is providing his property as a free place to hold them, Laos said. They are being fed with donated hay and grain. The stallions are being held at another location.

    All the horses seized from Renazans Arabians on Friday are doing “great,” according to Samantha Laos with the North Texas Humane Society. The mares and stallions are being held at separate locations.
    Laos said a few people have called saying they were boarding horses at Renazans Arabians but none so far have been able to provide proof of ownership. All will be part of a civil seizure action Aug. 26 that, if granted, will hand over ownership to the sheriff’s office and allow the humane society to begin adoption procedures.

    “We love the offer for foster parents. But we are looking for people to give them a permanent home,” Laos said. “Everybody will be put up for adoption if we win custody.”

    People who want to adopt the horses must fill out applications and pay an adoption fee, she said. The horses cannot be sold or bred. They are to be pets.

    ~ Jenn from Facebook =)

  3. OMGAWD!!!!!!!!!! How can any one do this?

  4. That Man needs to pay every dime it takes to Rehabilitate all the horses he caused harm to .
    Maybe even take part in the Rehabilitation of the Horses . Let him get down and dirty and wash and clean up after those poor horses .

  5. My heart goes out to these beautiful animals. I wonder if that owner is going senile or is he just a cruel nasty individual. I hope all the 76 horses make it, get adopted and live full lives full of love and affection.

  6. I can't stop crying, please give them love! And please tell each one of them, I'm soo sorry!

  7. OMG how could people do that to such beuatiful animals its so cruel :(


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