Monday, March 22, 2010

Announcing our Website Launch

(photo used by permission of Smokey Stover)

The Second Race is pleased to announce the launch of its website, which will literally be the first generation of a larger functioning site, social network and data base used for networking ex-race horses into new careers and homes. Our goal remains the same "Networking for Results" and fostering a collaborative community is KEY!

As a reminder, The Second Race, was founded by Sharla Sanders after volunteering and serving on Boards of organizations to facilitate a sharing of resources. The Second Race serves ex-race horses to find them new homes due to a lack of competitiveness, injury or just a well deserved retirement. In some cases a horse is suited for a new career, and The Second Race is developing relationships with trainers in other disciplines to evaluate opportunities for placement and training.

Any horse that was used for racing, bred to race but never started, or has been a broodmare is considered a candidate for assistance. While our normal channel for placing race horses is the horsemen at the tracks, we will work with owners of ex-race horses that have been off the track for some time.

When stall space is available we have a foster program in place in San Diego county and will take in a surrendered horse. The horse then becomes the property of The Second Race. We are growing "hubs" of foster volunteers throughout the United States.

Since our inception in June 2009 we have helped over 50 ex-race horses find new homes. We have helped to save 6 slaughter bound race horses by purchasing them or contributing to their costs to remove them safely. The Second Race has created a "Quarter Pole Fund" specifically to assist with race horses that find themselves in peril. However, we must caution that we are not a funding non profit, and cannot be solicited for funds.

We are proud of our efforts to date, the relationships we have made and the contacts that share The Second Race to help horses. We must continue to work as a team in order to do the best we can for them (the ex-race horse).

Please visit our website at and give us your feedback. We invite you to share our website, services with your groups, networks and contacts in order to grow!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hall of Fame Trainer Bob Baffert Lends His Hand for the Horses

Hall of Fame Trainer Bob Baffert and his wife Jill, have endorsed a collectible jersey to benefit the ex-race horses at Old Friends.

"Bob and I appreciate the work that Old Friends does with racing's old warriors", explained Jill Baffert when I asked why they had chosen to become involved with helping the horses. "We felt a connection with Old Friends because it's the home of Danthebluegrassman who Bob trained and he was named after our dear friend, Dan Chandler" Jill further explained "Ironically, Bonnie's Poker lives there also. She's the dam of Bob's first Derby winner and sentimental favorite, Silver Charm".

The jerseys feature the familiar Baffert barn colors, blue and yellow with a picture of Bob Baffert on the sleeve and a list of winners on the back of the jersey including War Emblem, Point Given, Vindication, Silverbulletday and many more. The jerseys are manufactured by MVP Champions. The wearable jerseys start at $ 90.00, with the collectible jerseys at $ 175.00

Bob Baffert will be at Santa Anita on April 3 from 12-1 p.m. to sign the jerseys for fans who purchase one. To see the work of Old Friends, go to

To order a jersey and support the horses at Old Friends go to

Thank you to Bob and Jill Baffert for giving back, The Second Race salutes you!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Horse Names Shed Light on Many Lives and Experiences

A few months ago there was a Facebook contest allowing horse lovers; in particular race horse lovers, to suggest what their own race horse name would be if given an opportunity to name themselves.

The idea became the book Horsenameographies "Life Stories In A Race Horse Name", published by Caballo Press. The book will be available in April, but I received my advance purchased copy yesterday. The editors have generously earmarked ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of the book to support Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue and Re Run Thoroughbred Adoption.

I was one of the fortunate ones to have my race horse name sininasugarcone added to the book (it's on page 113). After reading the entire book in one sitting this morning, I realized I short-changed myself by not really putting the full reason for the choice of my race horse name. I regret that now. I read with laughs and tears some of the names that were written. I recognized many of the authors of these "horsey names", and learned much about some that I never knew. If there is a second edition, I plan on submitting another name, and telling my story as well. Here were a few names in particular that I liked and short explaination of each as written by the contributing members.

Meet My Hero "when I took him on I was a troubled 15 year old girl, I quickly realized how much of a hero he really was to me (Heroic Sovereign)"

See You At The Wire " Life is a wonderful challenge and I compare it to a horse race"

Smilestoomuch "In a performance review for my job I was told I smile too much"

Stormy Weather " I am a former foster child, and my life has been more or less stormy weather. I've been beat down, kicked around, but I'm still standing"

Dead Reckoning " an old nautical term that means; in brief, when you've lost your way via the stars, you will make it home regardless"

PMS and a Handgun " I am a female police officer"

Inner Savvy " ...Mama finds them both, little girl gazing up into brown eyes, tall stallion staring back into hazel ones"

brokengps " I'm not sure what to do with my life and not sure where to turn next"

Silent Warrior " I stand in the gap, not at the rail"

Home Sweet Home " I came from a country with no racetrack, Romania, no jockeys, no trainers. I'm the first one to win a race outside Romania since 1945"

Allbecauseofyou " I'm a chronic loner...despite being happiest on my own, I could not have done it all alone"

Velvet Chaos " My life has been adventurous, ever changing, ever moving, sometimes wonderful sometimes not---chaotic. Yet I remain soft, giving, loving and optimistic"

and my favorite Nerve..... "I used to gallop a horse named Nerve, and no matter how much he hurt he still was happy and trudged on. I often had pain as well but more emotional pain. My story saddens most, but I use to find myself talking myself off the ledge on a daily basis. If I was famous people would pay money for my story. Needless to say, when I woke up one morning to nothing, no memories, no dog, no clothes, no nothing, only an old car to sleep in, not even an identity, all stolen and lost in a fire by a man I thought I loved. So it took a lot of Nerve for me to trudge on in life. Someday maybe I will have the Nerve to tell all".

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