Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tampa Bay Downs and T.R.O.T. Partner Together for Racehorses

Bloodhorse.com announced today that Tampa Bay Downs and T.R.O.T. (Thoroughbred Retirement of Tampa) have partnered to transition race horses from it's race track to T.R.O.T. The main function will be to educate the trainers of Tampa Bay Downs on the option to have their horses surrendered at the end of their racing careers either due to injury or because they can no longer be competitive as a means to re-train, rehab and/or re-home them. I applaud the efforts of both to ensure the safety of the horses. My hope is that more race tracks will follow suit.
I visited the T.R.O.T website and found this article to share:

(Reprinted from www.tampatrot.org)

The life of a racehorse is not an easy one. While the industry of horseracing is controversial amongst the general public, we recognize the courage that these horses have to go out and risk their lives in every race. Many run with known injuries; others run for years on strength and heart until their bodies are just tired and worn out. For those who run the dozens of races and make their earnings dollar by dollar, life tends to be long and difficult. These horses deserve a dignified retirement to loving homes, where they can live the rest of their lives as a friend and companion.
Unfortunately, too many of our country’s noble Thoroughbreds are ending up in poor conditions and auction lots. This is often the end of the road for these horses as many are sold to kill buyers who send them off to slaughter. Horses like Kentucky Derby winner Ferdinand and the great Exceller both met their unfortunate fates in slaughterhouses. While we stand against the practice of equine slaughter, we understand that curbing these atrocities starts at home and on our local racetracks. Our goal is to offer trainers a safe means of retirement for unwanted Thoroughbreds, and the public the opportunity to welcome one of these brave horses into their homes. While the endeavor to save all of them is seemingly impossible, we will strive to help those we can to ensure their second chance at life.
Anyone who has been around Thoroughbreds knows that they have unique personalities all their own. Anyone who has accepted them into their home after racing understands the challenges, but gratitude that they exude for changing their life. All of those involved with TROT have personal experiences with OTTBs. From learning to ride, to rehabilitating a brave Thoroughbred pulled from the slop of a kill pen, and others working daily to ensure the health and safety of those who are still employed as racehorses… We understand their value, we honor their bravery, and we are committed to their safety.

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