Thursday, October 22, 2009

Retraining a Race Horse-- A Handbook

Congratulations! You have adopted a race horse fresh off the track. You now have lifetime commitment to both the horse and to yourself to 'retrain' the "race" out of your horse.
Tranquility Farms in Tehachapi, CA has developed a 17 page tool to help the experienced as well as novice off the track thoroughbred owner to transition their ex-racer into a pleasure riding horse.
Several helpful topics are discussed such as grooming, tying the horse, lunging, saddle work and confidence building tools.
Practical insight into what a race horse knows on the track is discussed including wash racks, grooms, exercise riders and how a jockey receives a "leg up" on race day. These subjects are useful in letting your newly acquired race horse learn to unwind, relax, bond with you his adopter or trainer, and build his confidence.
Additional items in the handbook, are the subjects of ulcers, diet, hoof care along with socialization and reminders that are good to know when your race horse arrives at your barn.
About Tranquility Farms:
Priscilla Clark is the President of Tranquility Farms and is a lifelong horse professional. Since her earliest involvement in racing she has taken in Thoroughbreds that were injured or unwanted, and for the last ten years advocacy for humane retirement has been the main focus of her working life.
Harry A. Biszantz Memorial Center for Thoroughbred Retirement has grown to care for a constant population of 100 horses in rehabilitation, retraining, or comfortable retirement. Now known simply as Tranquility Farm, this special place of spacious barns and pastures is dedicated solely to the welfare of the Thoroughbred horse, where retiring runners enjoy the peace and appreciation they deserve, and where an unwanted broodmare or yearling can find shelter while awaiting a new life in an adoptive home.
To learn more about Tranquility Farms or to visit the ranch go to

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