Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Early Valentine

Photo by Anna Priest

Anyone that devotes their energies to a cause such as animal retirement, knows that there are a lot of lonely hours spent trying to figure out where to place an animal or find a way to accomplish that which may seem impossible...many times you receive a polite thank you and other times none at all. You have to daily find the thanks in your own heart.

Fortunately, The Second Race had an early Valentine's Day "gift" come its way in the form of a lovely note sent to us by a friend of someone that had adopted the beautiful filly, Winter Bird pictured above...with permission, The Second Race would like to share their perfect valentine....

Hey Sharla,

Hope you had a great day and before I say anything else I want to thank you for all you do along with making horsey girls dreams come true.

I just spent one of the best days of my life with Rayanne helping her with extra preparation that she thought she needed on top of what she had already done for the arrival of Birdy, it was awesome seeing the brand new feeder bucket she had bought along with the water bucket and salt lick all set out in an almost perfectly graded corral : ) The halter and lead rope she had hooked on the gate she has had since she was a little girl, she told us the story of saving up her allowance and telling her Mom that, that was what she wanted to spend it fits Birdy perfect and the color suits her to a "t".

Ray kept checking her phone and putting it down in different places making her more of a dither than she already was, when the gal called for exact directions as she had driven past the street we walked down the driveway and saw the trailer coming up the road, I knew exactly how she felt and when the back of the box was finally opened Rayanne just lost it and so did I : )

She unloaded really well, it took her while to find her land legs after the haul.... but saying that she settled in extremely fast!

I'm so happy for Rayanne, it was like being little kids again at the local stable dreaming that horse was yours and now it is....thank you so much for letting her have Birdy, she is one of the ones that so deserves it : )

Best Always,


To see other horses waiting to make dreams come true go to We have several horses awaiting adoption and their own Valentine.


  1. This is a really neat note, Sharla...I can tell you it was like watching kids on Christmas morning, hopping up and down awaiting my trailer to pull into the facility. They could barely contain themselves as I pulled around in the arena so I could unload Birdy onto level ground. There were tears and many cameras as that grand and elegant filly was handed over to Rayanne and she patiently posed for every one before she was led to her new home, which was right next to another OTTB. She settled right in and started to investigate her surroundings, finding a few tufts of grass to graze upon, much to her delight and contentment. Rayanne will provide the very best home for Birdy, and The Second Race definitely will have had a part in it.

  2. Once guys did a great job.. and I am so happy for Birdy...she is beautiful...and for the owner.. I know how wonderful it feels to see something you have wanted of everything to both of you.. from one horse lover to another...

  3. Sharla, tears of joy are running down my face. I'm crying as I type this!!! You don't know how touched I am!!! Birdy is such a love and Rayanne sounds like the perfect Mommy!!! As I read the letter I felt like I was there. Birdy is a little poser, she is a true Princess. The halter part is where I lost it. Sharla, you touch sooo many lives!!! I cannot thank you enough for what you do. Thank you for posting this on my page. :)

  4. She's a great horse and has gone to a great home... they will have many years of joy together! Thanks for all TSR does!


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