Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year & Our Resolution for the Horses in 2011

Happy New Year! The words are always filled with hope that the following year will be easier, kinder and better for each of us. This is also the time when we reflect on our accomplishments, and disappointments, and how we can reach our personal goals or change something we would like so to improve ourselves.

The Second Race is no different. We have had accomplishments and road blocks along the way in 2010. We have learned much and have had to re-think some of our plans. We have targets that we missed and some we achieved ahead of schedule. Most importantly we realize that there are many things we can do better.

Our goals for 2011 are:

1. To be awarded our non profit status and to begin applying for grants with our newly appointed grant writer.

2. To create an Advisory Board to better serve The Second Race combining industry professionals with equine experts outside of racing.

3. Launching our Online Community

4. Obtaining stalls at a local race track to transition horses off the track safely and quickly into our foster program.

5. Working with other non profits to partner on several projects that have been discussed; bringing them to fruition

6. Better placement of horses; quicker turn around time--using advertising sites to place and adopt our horses.

7. Conduct three fundraisers in Southern California, and one in Northern California

8. Begin building a national data base that will serve as the 'for profit' foundation for The Second Race and will allow for 100's of horses to be placed each year.

9. Creating brand (marketing awareness) using media, newspapers, online communities, etc.

Our commitment to ex-race horses and those bred to race is strong. We have a foundation built that will propel us into the New Year with bigger, and better ways to serve. We need our network of supporters to help us, and we look forward to your efforts to help the horses with their "second race".

Best wishes to all in 2011 and good bye 2010!

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