Tuesday, June 15, 2010

True Cowboy Magazine Initiates a Rescue Fund for Horses

With the release of the June issue of trueCOWBOYmagazine (an online publication), came a personal message from editor Cate Crismani that caught my attention, the announcement that they are starting an Emergency Horse Rescue Fund. The fund will be monetized by subscription fees to the magazine. The goal of the Emergency Horse Rescue Fund is "saving a horse(s) from feedlots and certain cruel slaughter", said Ms. Crismani.

"Here at trueCOWBOYmagazine we are concerned with the welfare of all horses, mustangs, thoroughbreds and all breeds" The fund would offer assistance to groups who seek help to rescue directly from the feedlots.

You can help trueCowboymagazine's mission by subscribing online at www.truecowboymagazine.com or you can receive using your Iphone as well.

The Second Race applauds the efforts of Cate Crismani, and as she always signs off.....Besos!


  1. Sharla, this is awesome...love love love you and all the beautiful horses...besos

  2. AWESOME I struggle sooo hard when rescueing to provide the care they so deserve. You feel so alone in the BiG fight to end the suffering of our precious horses. THANK YOU!


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