Monday, May 3, 2010

Super Save on Derby Day

On Kentucky Derby Day when Super Saver crossed the finish line after another brilliant ride by Calvin Appaloosa/quarter horse mix with an uncanny resemblance to the fictional race horse, Hayseed, was waiting on another finish line.

Luckily, "Hayseed" as the fortunate horse would be called had several groups and individuals trying to save his life while he was on an auction lot in New Jersey.

The story of Hayseed, started in the imagination of Sally Schrock, a deaf author that was in the process of losing her home due to foreclosure when her book caught the attention of The Second Race back in January.

Read about her story and our original blog post

After admiring the story of Hayseed and Sally, I became Facebook friends with her. Sally and I often write each other through the week; and several times we have talked informally about finding a "Hayseed" some day. A month of so ago, I had actually sent a picture to her of a horse that looked somewhat like him, and we together daydreamed about finding the perfect one, one day to rescue...what a story it would make.

Well as fate would have it, this horse appeared on a message I received on April 28th or 29th. I was stunned when I saw him. I sent the picture to Sally, but she had already seen a post as well and knew too, that this was her Hayseed.

Efforts began immediately to save him from the slaughter truck. Voice for Horses Network, founded by Diana Murphy over ten years ago, took the helm on his being saved. A portion of the monies needed to pay the broker fee of $ 900.00 was raised (including a donation from the Quarter Pole Fund, by The Second Race) in time on Kentucky Derby Day to save him, with Voice for Horses dipping into their funds to pay the outstanding balance to secure his safety. Hayseed was across the finish line; just like the millionaire Super Saver in Kentucky.

Interestingly enough, Sally stated that Diana didn't know about the book, Hayseed's First Race, and when told about her book Diana not only stepped up the efforts, but purchased the book too.

Hayseed, will be arriving in Ohio from New Jersey in the next day or so to complete his 30 day quarantine (QT). His QT costs will be $ 200 for the month, and in addition will incur vet bills that will need to be covered. The hope is that sponsors for Hayseed will be found, their names will be added as the story unfolds with Hayseed.

Hayseed's new life is being mapped out by Sally. In the meantime a trainer is needed to assist with the transition to help "bomb proof", Hayseed so that he can be at the race track, county fairs and other places where his story, and the stories of other unwanted horses can be told. If you are interested in helping with his training you may contact us at and information will be forwarded.

If you would like to donate to become a Sponsor of Hayseed, please send your donation via PayPal to and you will be listed as a Sponsor in further communications. To pay for his immediate care send your donation to Voice for Horses at

We look forward to hearing the great work that this "Super Saver" will do in the future.


  1. Life is just magical at times and this beautiful synchronicity proves it !

  2. Absolutely true Kryssie!! Glad that you could see that between the lines; never know what life will hand us (or the horses)!


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