Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Time to Pick a New Calendar--- Here is One I Recommend

Magic Route before and Magic Route after his arrival and return to health by Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue (photos by Laurie Taylor/TMA) from the SCTR website

Several organizations, rescue and retirement agencies (horse and otherwise) are selling calendars to support their groups.

One of the calendars that I have personally been excited to see (and purchased today) is the one offered by Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue (SCTR).

SCTR has aptly named theirs "Still Winners". The featured cover boy is Luis Especial, a personal favorite of mine while he was racing the Southern California circuit.

Luis, was purchased from an auction lot on Kentucky Derby day for the princely ransom of $ 250 after earning $ 183,000 on track. This handsome dark bay is one of several horses showcasing the love, care and bloom of horses once deemed "trash", that SCTR has recycled back to their former selves in their 2010 calendar. Luis has since been adopted by a top equestrian trainer and is going to be in for a surprise (per Caroline Betts, founder and president of Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue) when training for his next professional career beginning in early Spring.

Other horses featured include Noble Gambler, Magic Route, and Sunday Match (lovingly renamed Bam-Bam and when you see his photo, you will understand why). Magic Route was a formerly starved horse that was rescued from his owner and patiently and quickly brought to life again. The transformation bears mention and notice, but pictures tell the real story and his are a tribute to the care that a horse can find itself in when taken in by SCTR. The cost of the calendar $ 24.95 plus shipping, equals $ 27.00 and is an attractive investment for the thoroughbreds that will be helped in the coming year. (Anything beyond the $ 27.00 would be appreciated).

If you would like a new calendar that makes a difference, may The Second Race suggest this one. To order go to their website and click on the header "2010 Calendar!", a link to PayPal is provided. If you want to send a check instead their address is SCTR, 635 Hacienda Drive, Norco, CA 92860.

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