Friday, September 4, 2009

Update on the Arabian Horses Seized in Texas

I wanted to re-visit the seizure of the 76 Arabian horses and check on their status. The Humane Society of North Texas has received permanent custody of the malnourished horses. The published statement is:
On August 26, 2009 the Humane Society of North Texas received permanent custody of all 77 horses owned by Gordon Dennis Key of Renazans Arabians, Pilot Point, TX. Custody was granted after several hours of non-courtroom negotiation between legal representatives. Pertinent to the negotiation was the issue of registration paperwork for all horses, and by forgoing monetary settlement, HSNT will receive all paperwork relevant to registrations for each horse. HSNT staff felt that this paperwork was key to the arabian industry, and will benefit the future of each horse.

HSNT recognizes that this is a special herd of intrinsic value within the Arabian world and is currently working hard on a suitable adoption plan for the herd. At this time the most likely scenario will be an online adoption auction scheduled within the next 30 days, (subject to change as plans progress) with each horse having a minimum adoption bid preset and each bidder being assigned a bidder number after approval of a pre-submitted adoption application. It is the ultimate goal of HSNT to place these animals into homes where they will be well cared for and properly housed for the remainder of their lives.

The issue of reproduction of some of these noble animals will be allowed to be decided upon by approved bidders who are successful in the bidding process, as HSNT recognizes that this herd does not represent any group of animals currently overpopulated or commonly neglected. HSNT also understands the importance of some of the genetics represented in this herd, and wishes to allow responsible arabian enthusiasts the ability to continue improving this fine breed of horse as has been so thoughtfully done for decades. HSNT believes these animals will now have a chance to contribute their fine lineage to the promotion and endurance of the egyptian arabian heritage.

Please continue to go to HSNT’s website and fill out an adoption application so it can be pre-approved. Approved applicants wil be notified by phone or email. Details on the adoption auction, as they are determined, will be posted on HSNT website and will be disseminated via arabian website locations as appropriate. HSNT is proud of this victory for the horses. Donations to continue their care until new homes are found can be made at

Further details as to the exact time, location and manner for the Adoption Auction as well as a listing of horses, photos and information on each will be released to everyone as soon as it is prepared. Please be patient as this is a large undertaking.

Donations are of course encouraged and welcome. A heartfelt Thank You to those that have already donated to help these animals in need. The arabian community has been setting the standard for other equine breed organizations as this case has progressed, and the horses are the direct benefactors of your support.

Sandy Grambort
Equine/Livestock Program Coordinator


Susan Mayo, a Board member of the Institute, was in court this morning. There was no hearing, as the parties met first in the judge’s chambers and reached an agreement. Based on Susan’s oral report (we do not yet have a copy of the official court order in writing):

1.Mr. Key will surrender the horses to the Humane Society of North Texas
2.He will provide the “papers” for all the horses (we do not know what will be done about currently unregistered horses that may be registerable under AHA guidelines).
3.He will pay $5000 to the court, which will go toward the care of the horses.
There was no comment on whether he will face any misdemeanor charges or if this closes the entire matter.

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